Decide weather there is enough information to prove the following triangles are congruent. Justify your answer for each pair of triangles. Is DEF = DHG. Justify your answer below.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Yes there is enough information to find both triangles DEF and DHG are congruent.Both the triangles are congruent by SAS theorem of congruence.Step-by-step explanation:Lets have a look to both of the triangles.And mention what are the given information in our question.We have [tex]\triangle[/tex] DEF and  [tex]\triangle[/tex] DHG.Where FD [tex]=[/tex] DGED [tex]=[/tex] DHAnd we can see that [tex]\angle FDE = \angle HDG[/tex] (Vertically opposite angles).So we have two sides equal and an angle between the two are equal.Then we can say that through SAS property of congruence [tex]\triangle[/tex] DEF and  [tex]\triangle[/tex] DHG are congruent  [tex]\triangle[/tex] 's