Given the function,f(x)= /3x+3-3 , choose the correct transformation(s).Horizontal Compression, Left 1, Down 3Horizontal Stretch, Left 3, Down 3Vertical Compression, Left 1, Down 3Vertical Stretch, Left 3, Down 3

Accepted Solution

Answer:Horizontal Compression, Left 1, Down 3A is correctStep-by-step explanation:Given: [tex]f(x)=\sqrt{3x+3}-3[/tex]The parent function of given function is square root function. [tex]f(x)=\sqrt{x}[/tex]Shift 1 unit left [tex]f(x)=\sqrt{x+1}[/tex]Horizontal compression[tex]f(x)=\sqrt{3(x+1)}[/tex]Vertical down by 3 unit [tex]f(x)=\sqrt{3x+3}-3[/tex][tex]\sqrt{x}\rightarrow \sqrt{3x+3}-3[/tex]After above translation.Hence, The function obtain from square root function after horizontal compression, left 1 and down 3