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Accepted Solution

Hello. To find the slope, use the formula: m= (y2-y1) / (x2-x1) Note: The 2s and 1s are NOT exponents or constants. They are simply markers. So: m= (5-(-4)) / (2-0) m= (5+4) / 2 m = 9/2 Note: The order of the coordinates don't matter as long as y2 is aligned with x2 etc. Example: (okay) m= ((-4)-5) / (0-2) m= -9/ -2 m= 9/2 because a negative multiplied or divided by a negative makes a positive. Now, let's see what's not okay: (2,5)(0,-4) m= (5-(-4)) / (0-2) NOT. OKAY. since the 1s and 2s aren't aligned. Hope that helped. ************************** Disclaimer: Always double check with a reliable source, as mistakes can be made.